Property Tax Management

Our property tax management co-sourcing and outsourcing services go far beyond providing appraisals for property tax appeals and negotiating property tax reductions. Even if your company never appeals its property taxes, it may still need to manage significant property tax issues and may still incur substantial property tax management costs. And of course, if your company actively appeals its property taxes, that it can benefit from dedicated full-time professional property tax management services.

Federal Appraisal LLC provides full property tax co-sourcing and outsourcing management services.

See our Property Taxes and Property Tax Appeals pages for more information on property tax appraisals and property tax reduction negotiation services.

Property Tax Management

Regardless of whether your company owns or leases its real estate, your company should analyze its properties every year for the need to appeal the assessments. It is strongly recommended that all investment-grade properties and all larger corporate real estate assets be managed by dedicated property tax professionals. The failure to professionally manage property taxes often results in dramatic over assessments, and may be considered enacted imprudent management and nonfeasance. Improperly managed property tax issues can result in tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra property taxes.

If your company owns or leases numerous real estate assets and prudently actively manages its property taxes, then it incurs costs from two activities. First there is the obvious cost of conducting the appeals. Secondly there is the cost of managing the appeals process. Even if no appeals are conducted in house, your company will still incur significant costs from its need to manage the appeals process.

Property tax management begins with the determination of an appropriate required property tax management scope of services, the establishment of property tax management and administration policy and procedures. The management effort may include identifying qualified property tax consultants, attorneys and appraisers, soliciting and analyzing proposals, and selecting and contracting with the best. The effort may include identifying critical filing, reporting and delivery dates, and tracking and managing them. The effort may include determining which properties in a portfolio need to be appealed in a given year and establishing assessment reduction targets. It may include the filing of documents and returns. It may include the tracking, review and approval of property tax bills.It entails issue resolution management and risk management. It involves management reporting services. It involves contract and invoice management and possibly payment.

While there are many good technical property tax consultants, the required business management skills make few capable of managing such the property tax appeals effort. Consequently, few companies can afford full time property tax managers with the required property tax appeals and property tax management experience. Federal Appraisal offers strategic and tactical solutions to property tax management needs.

Property Tax Management Services
  • determination of scope of services
  • establishment of management and administration policy and procedures
  • identification of qualified consultants, attorneys and appraisers
  • solicitation and analysis of proposals
  • contracting with the best
  • identification of critical filing, reporting and delivery dates, and tracking and managing them
  • determination of which properties need appeals
  • establishment of assessment reduction targets
  • filing of documents and returns
  • tracking, review and approval of tax bills.
  • issue resolution management
  • risk management
  • management reporting
  • vendor contract and invoice management