Special Purpose/Complex Real Estate

Non-traditional, Complex, and Conventional Real Estate and Business Appraisal and Consulting

The vast majority of appraisal work is for mortgage underwriting purposes, AKA bank appraising. Of course, Federal Appraisal LLC provides bank appraisal services; however, we specialize in the other kinds of appraisal and consulting services. Federal Appraisal brings to you all of the economic theory and professional practices of the appraisal community, for all of your special needs or purposes.

If you have questions concerning the Income, Yield or Return, and/or Value of Real Estate or a Business, then Federal Appraisal LLC can help.

We provide executive summary reports, client defined scopes of services and agreed-upon procedures, special purpose property analysis, due diligence services, expert testimony, damage estimates, market and feasibility studies, GIS consulting, statistic modeling, and many, many other services and products.

Many prospective clients are not aware of how our services can benefit them because of the misperception that traditional appraisers offer limited services.