Appraising for Property Tax Assessments and Appeals

Given that property taxes are often one of the highest expenses of property ownership, property taxes need to be managed intensely.  Unlike income taxes, which have national rules, property tax procedures are local and vary significantly.  That variance affects how to appraise and appeal taxes.  Federal Appraisal has been managing property taxes and appraising for property tax assessments purposes for more than 3 decades.  Appraisals for property tax assessment are not like appraisals written for other purposes.  In fact, appraisal practices in one taxing jurisdiction may not apply in other jurisdictions. Minor missteps can add up to millions of dollars in taxes.

Whether our clients are setting an assessment, negotiating a PILOT, or litigating a property tax appeal, Federal offers specialized appraisal service for property taxes, across the county.  Federal routinely appraises general commercial property, special real property, and special personal property for property tax assessment and appeal purposes. Our appraisers regularly testify to their property tax appraisals.

Our property tax services span the country, in both regulated and deregulated utility states, for the assessment of utility and power plant properties.

Our services include valuation work in support of property tax forecasting and PILOTs.