Land Appraisal, Subdivisions, Easements, Rights of Way

While often a relatively small contribution to the overall real property value or overall business value, land frequently presents challenging appraisal issues.

The issues often make the land valuation the most volatile of the appraised components of the overall real property value or overall business value. Without an experienced hand, land valuation can become problematic.

Federal Appraisal specializes in the appraisal of land and all of its land rights variations, such as:

Federal Appraisal has been appraising land for 36 years. We have worked on numerous types of land development, such as:

  • residential lots and subdivision site
  • commercial, retail, industrial land
  • utility and infrastructure land

Our land appraisal and advisory work is utilized in many issues, including

  • redevelopment
  • loan underwriting and financing
  • feasibility studies and market studies
  • condemnation
  • acquisition and disposition due diligence
  • property tax assessment and litigation
  • income tax reporting, transfer tax reporting
  • investor reporting
  • litigation and expert witness
  • zoning and variance issues
  • cost segregation and purchase price allocation, ASC 805 reporting
  • conservation (Green Acres)