Energy Industries, Regulated & Deregulated Utilities and Infrastructure

Regulated & Deregulated Industries

Federal Appraisal LLC is a nationally recognized leader in the appraisal of the Energy Industries, Regulated and Deregulated Utilities, and Infrastructure.  We are the leading appraisal experts for:

  • Power Plants, in regulated and deregulated states
    • All technology or type
    • Railroad Companies
  • Utility companies, in regulated and deregulated states
    • Electricity Companies
    • Telecommunications Companies
    • Natural Gas Companies
    • Pipeline Companies
    • Water & Sewer Companies
  • Infrastructure
    • Refineries
    • Government Facilities and Military Bases

Appraisal for these assets is unlike general business or real estate appraisal. These assets present special appraisal problems and therefore, the purpose of such appraisals is unusual.  They often involve a combination of assets, real property, personal property, and business intangibles.  Federal Appraisal LLC is a multi-disciplined team of real estate, business, and personal property appraisers, who have extensive experience working with other professionals, attorneys, accountants, engineers, and others.  The applicable laws and regulations change from state to town to federal contexts.  The issues that give rise to the need for the appraisal require substantially different types of appraisals, such as appraisals for regulated or deregulated states, litigation, SEC/investor or IRS/tax reporting, and government due diligence.