Corporate Campus and Redevelopment

While a corporate headquarters may entail one large specially built office building, a corporate campus typically comprises multiple buildings or a variety of occupancy types (office, research, manufacturing, processing) at one location that act together as one economic unit in support of the corporation. They frequently have centralized support, amenities, and other internal functions. Frequently, headquarters and campuses have sizable buildings and frequently cover dozens and sometimes hundreds of acres of land. They frequently have expenses to build special improvements and finishes; therefore, their cost new can be unusually high. Consequently, if their highest and best use remains as a headquarters or campus, then their values will likely be high. Conversely, if the company that developed the headquarters or campus no longer needs them, given the nature of the special purpose improvements, the headquarters or campus may suffer substantial functional and or economic obsolescence.

Therein lies the basis of appraisal challenge and of valuation disputes. Federal Appraisal regularly testifies to its appraisals on these types of issues.

Federal Appraisal has appraised dozens of corporate headquarters or campus in the United States for a variety of purposes and uses. Federal specializes in appraising corporate headquarters or campus that include:

  • Research and development
  • Wet/dry laboratory space
  • Warehouses and manufacturing processing buildings
  • Office Buildings of all different types
  • Power Plants and Power Plants that serve corporate campuses
  • Excess and surplus land, water frontage, water rights, rights of way and easements

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