General Commercial Real Estate

Federal Appraisal LCC appraises general commercial real estate, such as:

  • Investment Grade Real Estate
  • Land and land rights, easements, rights of way, development projects
  • Offices and medical office buildings
  • Apartments, condominiums, and cooperative apartments
  • Warehouses and industrial buildings
  • Hotels, restaurants, and hospitality buildings
  • Retail spaces, malls
  • Mixed use properties

Federal also appraises single family homes for special client needs, as well as special commercial properties of all types; however, as state certified general real estate appraisers (SCGREA’s) and MAI’s with decades of experience, general commercial real estate appraisal is the mainstay of our practice.  Our general real estate appraisals are completed for governments, corporations, private investors and owners, attorneys, accountants, and many others.  The purposes and uses of such appraisals include regulation, tax issues, legal issues, and investment (buy/sell/financing) due diligence, and others.