Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Restaurants, and Hospitality Properties

Appraising hospitality assets requires many special appraisal skills. There is a great variety of hospitality assets. These assets include a combination of business intangibles, personal property and real property. Federal Appraisal is specifically qualified with its unusual mix of cross appraisal disciplines. Federal Appraisal has business, real and personal property appraisal experts. We have designated business and personal property appraisers, and we have designated and state certified (licensed) real property appraisers, all with years of experience working on hospitality.

We appraise:

  • hotels (all types)
  • restaurant (all types)
  • casinos
  • resorts

Our appraisals are utilized for:

  • development, feasibility or market studies
  • financing
  • tax and investor reporting, IRS, depreciation, cost segregation, purchase price allocation, ASC 805
  • property tax assessment and appeals
  • gift and estate tax acquisition or disposition due diligence