Real Property Portfolios

Federal Appraisal LLC specializes in the appraisal of real property portfolios.  This type of appraisal is complex because of the sheer volume of work, the diversity of geographies/markets, and the purpose and use for the appraisals, which are often complicating; however, this is exactly what Federal Appraisal was founded to appraise.  Federal Appraisal has a full team of specially trained appraisers who frequently appraise portfolios.  We have licenses around the country, in nearly all major markets, which makes Federal Appraisal a one-stop shop for our clients.  In any case, we will manage the appraisal of the entire portfolio, which will ensure consistency and quality throughout the appraisal process. Lastly, since portfolio appraisals are typically needed for complex purposes and uses, such as estates and estate planning, gifts, litigation, acquisition, or disposition due diligence, it is essential that the appraisers have such experience.  Federal has expertise with complex purposes and uses and with portfolio appraisals.