Appraisal Management

Federal Appraisal LLC provides appraisal management consulting, nation-wide, for multidiscipline assignments. Managing appraisals over multiple states, between various appraisal subspecialties and multidisciplinary professionals, can turn into a costly and dangerous endeavor. On the rare occasion that clients need the services of geographically diverse appraisers or other types of professionals, Federal Appraisal LLC is capable of assembling qualified appraisal teams. We regularly work with appraisers, engineers, forensic experts, specialist attorneys, and/or specialist accountants; together, we can gather appraisal expertise from around the United State and even internationally. Our reports frequently include work and opinions from non-appraiser experts, in addition to appraisal services from real estate appraisers, personal property appraisers, and business appraisers.