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Recognizing the range of services available, and making the distinction between conventional, nontraditional, and complex services can dramatically increase income to the bottom line and reduce both operating and opportunity cost.

Federal Appraisal LLC offers many services to many client types in many locations for many purposes.  Some of our services are listed below.  It is strongly recommended that prospective clients call Federal Appraisal to discuss their specific needs and to determine how Federal Appraisal LLC may be of service.

Federal Appraisal LLC provides a full array of conventional appraisal and consulting services.  What makes Federal Appraisal unique is that we provide numerous nontraditional and complex services.  Broadly speaking, conventional appraisal services include appraisals written for mortgage underwriting purposes for banks.  While representing the bulk of the appraisal industry, conventional appraisal services cannot adequately serve the needs of many important clients.

For example, a mortgage underwriting appraisal would not be appropriate for most expert testimony/legal settings.  A mortgage appraisal would be expensive for many tax and audit (accounting) needs.  Further, for corporations conducting due diligence for possible purchase or disposition, a mortgage appraisal would not answer some of the basic questions posed by the situation.

To best show Federal Appraisal LLC’s services, we present various matrices of services, referenced in the list below.

Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

Federal Appraisal, LLC provides expert testimony, litigation, and dispute resolution for complex real estate litigation issues. We provide our clients with both geographical and topical dispute resolution support expertise, regardless of where the assets are located, what type of assets are involved, or what kind of issues are involved.

Expert Testimony and Litigation Support


Appraisals for Condemnation and Eminent Domain


Property Tax Assessments and Appeals

Given that property taxes are often one of the highest expenses of property ownership, property taxes need to be managed intensely.  Unlike income taxes, which have national rules, property tax procedures are local and vary significantly.  That variance affects how to appraise and appeal taxes.  Federal Appraisal has been managing property taxes and appraising for property tax assessments purposes for more than 3 decades.  Appraisals for property tax assessment are not like appraisals written for other purposes.  In fact, appraisal practices in one taxing jurisdiction may not apply in other jurisdictions. Minor missteps can add up to millions of dollars in taxes.

Property Tax Assessments and Appeals

Property Tax Appeals


Accounting Tax Planning or Reporting, Audit

Federal Appraisal specializes in appraisal for accounting and tax issues. Whether your accounting/consulting firm is working on tax, audit, management consulting issues, or VFR/Investor Reporting, Federal Appraisal, LLC offers expert solutions. Our practice includes qualified real estate appraisers with designations by the Appraisal Institute (AI), the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Accounting Services

Fair Market Value, ASC 805 and Others

Estate & Gift Tax Appraisals


Energy Industries, Regulated & Deregulated Utilities and Infrastructure

Appraisal for these assets is unlike general business or real estate appraisal. These assets present special appraisal problems and therefore, the purpose of such appraisals is unusual.  They often involve a combination of assets, real property, personal property, and business intangibles.  Federal Appraisal LLC is a multi-disciplined team of real estate, business, and personal property appraisers, who have extensive experience working with other professionals, attorneys, accountants, engineers, and others.

Power Plants


Energy Industries, Regulated & Deregulated Utilities and Infrastructure


Governmental Activities and Urban Renewal

Appraisal and appraisal consulting requirements vary significantly from government agency to government agency. While the variances are often simple, the failure to meet the requirements can lead to critical non-compliance. The noncompliance may be non-recoverable and often cost thousands of dollars but could cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Federal Appraisal offers expert appraisal and appraisal consulting services for many of the major government agencies.

Government Services

Governments and Governmental Activities


Corporate Real Estate

Corporate real estate can range from one specialty built office building to entire corporate campuses, built-to-suit owner-occupied needs. Federal Appraisal LLC has appraised dozens of corporate headquarters and campuses in the United States for a variety of purposes and uses. Federal specializes in appraising corporate headquarters or campuses that include R&D campuses, laboratory campuses, warehouses and manufacturing, office complexes, and more.

Corporations and Businesses, Large and Small

Corporate Real Estate



Small, Mid-sized Business & Real Estate

Until the creation of Federal Appraisal, LLC, small and mid-sized companies had difficulty finding the real estate and business appraisal and consulting services that they needed. Today, small and mid sized companies can turn to Federal Appraisal, LLC for all of their appraisal and consulting services. Federal Appraisal services small and mid-sized accounting and consulting firms, law firms, corporate real estate groups, private and public investors, developers, and management companies.

Small, Mid-sized Businesses


Consulting Services

Federal Appraisal LLC guides companies and investors on their journey, by providing valuation consulting services, services that may not be similar to traditional appraisals but involve issues surrounding income generation, value creation, and maintenance.

Other Valuation Types

Almost all appraisals are of general commercial real estate or homes, for financing purposes, and for bank clients.  As a result almost all appraisers are trained to do only this one group of assets for this one purpose and one type of client. If you are a different type of client, have any other type of property or business, or have some other purpose for your appraisal, then you need a specialist appraiser.  Federal Appraisal specializes in such non-traditional appraisals.