Federal Appraisal LLC can provide any of the real estate appraisals and valuation reporting support required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and other investor reporting exercises.  

Whether its SEC reporting requirements for compliance with the appropriate accounting, tax, and audit reporting procedures, or it’s a special issue reporting requirement, Federal Appraisal LLC can help. 

Currently SEC registrant appraisal requirements are limited, albeit highly important.  However recent FASB actions will increase the appraisal requirements.  Furthermore, public discourse concerning mark-to-market accounting indicate that the role of appraisals in investor disclosure is growing.  Federal Appraisal LLC has been on the cutting edge of this issue, providing technical support to regulators and practitioners.   We understand the needs and desires of both companies and their investors.  We understand the need of companies to control reporting and the associated costs, and to remain, beyond a doubt, in compliance.   We understand investors need for transparency and clarity.

Please see our accounting pageslegal pagesBusiness Appraisal / Valuation, and our Property Type pages for more information on the services offered by Federal Appraisal that relate to the SEC.