Accounting, Tax, or Audit

Federal Appraisal specializes in appraisal for accounting and tax issues. Whether your accounting/consulting firm is working on tax, audit, management consulting issues, or VFR/Investor Reporting, Federal Appraisal, LLC offers expert solutions. Our practice includes qualified real estate appraisers with designations by the Appraisal Institute (AI), the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Valuation for Financial Reporting

Federal Appraisal, LLC is prepared to assist clients with Valuation for Financial Reporting. As the financial reporting industry continues to move toward global standards, it is relying less on historical cost-based accounting on the balance sheet and moving more toward a market based, fair value system. Statement of Financial Accounting Standards 157, Fair Value Measurements, defines fair value as: “The price that would be received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between market participants at the measurement date.”

As Valuation Specialists, with strong backgrounds and certifications in valuation and financial reporting we are uniquely qualified to assist your company or clients with the following Valuation for Financial Reporting needs using generally accepted appraisal standards.

  • cost benefit studies
  • feasibility studies
  • highest and best use analysis
  • zoning studies
  • rent studies
  • property utilization studies
  • market analysis
  • forecasting and trend projections
  • property tax consulting
  • verify managements assumptions and estimates
  • identify and test valuation techniques
  • validate inputs for valuation techniques
Tax and Audit Issues and Solutions

Federal Appraisal, LLC has solutions for the following tax issues impacting real property:

  • Real and Personal Property Taxes
  • Purchase Price Allocation Studies
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • transfer taxes
  • gains taxes
  • income taxes
  • Estate & Gift Appraisals and Consulting
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Some of the audit issues facing real property that Federal provides solutions for include:

  • Impairment Studies
  • corporate structuring
  • management audits and consulting
  • benchmarking and best practices consulting

Federal Appraisal, LLC provides numerous services to assist property owners in managing the various taxes and audit issues that impact real and personal property, including:

  • Property Tax Assessment and Appeal Appraisal
  • useful life studies
  • fixed asset registers
  • special value reportings
    • synthetic leases
    • sale-lease backs
    • structured leases
    • Impairment Studies
  • audit support consulting
FASB Standard, Leases, ASC 842

Starting in 2019, public companies will need to report the value of operating leases on balance sheets. The impact to balance sheets could be significant. While the calculations of value for many such leases do not require the assistance of appraisers with special knowledge, some certainly do. The reporting may require net present value calculations using market terms. Furthermore, while addressing ASC 842, accountants may wish to address leases with above or below market terms (intangible assets or liabilities). Federal Appraisal can provide these services.

Other Valuation Services

Federal Appraisal, LLC also provides a variety of valuation services that relate to potential appraisal needs, including:

  • accounting
    • FASB 141R – business combinations
    • FASB 142 – goodwill and other intangibles
    • FASB 144 – impairment or disposal of long lived assets
    • FASB 133 – derivative securities
    • FASB 123R – options/share-based payments
    • FASB Interpretation No. 45 – debt/guarantees
  • tax
    • IRC Sec 1060 – purchase price allocation
    • IRC Sec 1245/1250 – cost segregation
    • IRC Sec 409A – stock based, nonqualified deferred compensation plans
    • IRC Sec 108 – debt cancellation
    • IRC Sec 382 – net operating loss limitations
    • IRC Sec 482 – transfer pricing
    • IRC Sec 367 – reorganizations
    • IRC Sec 304 – deemed dividend
    • IRC Sec 338 – foreign tax credit planning
    • IRC Sec 861 – allocation of interest expense
    • IRC Sec 165(g)(3) – worthless stock deductions
    • Form 8283 – Noncash Charitable Contributions (Gift & Estate Tax)
    • gift and estate tax valuation of closely held restricted stock
  • other
    • asset-based financing
    • insurance appraisal services
    • ad valorem
  • opinion services
    • fairness opinion
    • solvency opinion
Special Valuation Issues in Tax and Audit

Federal Appraisal, LLC has solutions for the following uncommon issues impacting real property:

  • self-managed 401K
  • 1031 like-kind exchanges
  • bargain/liquidation purchases/sales
  • barter agreements
  • before & after tax cash flow & income forecasts
  • before & after tax returns & yields studies
  • below market rate loan from parent
  • casualty/losses
  • charitable contributions/gifts
  • comfort letters
  • damages estimates
  • depreciation & cost segregation property
  • due diligence services
  • easements
  • employee stock options
  • exchange basis
  • fairness opinions
  • foreclosure/recapitalization
  • gift tax appraisals
  • high basis / low value reorganization
  • impairment studies
  • incorporation
  • increased basis in property prior to disposition
  • insurance claims
  • Lease Auditing & Analysis
  • landmark easement contributions
  • litigation support & expert testimony
  • merger & acquisition valuations and consulting
  • portfolio & mass appraisals
  • preservation/conservation
  • private REIT’s
  • real property tax reviews
  • REIT issues
  • sale/lease backs & LILO’s
  • tax estimations & projections
  • tax shelters
  • valuation management & audits
  • valuation/real estate study reviews
Management Consulting Issues and Solutions for Accountants

Federal Appraisal provides user-defined scopes of services and agreed upon procedures services relating to accountants.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Federal Appraisal, LLC provides the real estate appraisals and valuation reporting support required by the SEC. See our SEC page for more information.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Federal Appraisal, LLC provides the real estate appraisals and valuation reporting support required by the IRS. See our IRS page for more information.

Our Clients have chosen Federal Appraisal because we:
  • Understand the key tax and accounting issues both domestically and internationally
  • Are an independent firm with no Sarbanes-Oxley issues
  • Deliver products and services accepted by the SEC, IRS and both the Big Four and regional accounting firms

Federal Appraisal, LLC is not a law firm or an accounting firm. As such it does not offer legal or audit opinions. Federal Appraisal can obtain and/or manage those services for its clients, and Federal Appraisal can offer referrals to law firms and/or accounting firms for such services.