Uniform Relocation Act (URA) Compliant Appraisals

Federal Appraisal regularly performs appraisals that comply with the Uniform Relocation Act appraisal standards. URA compliant reports regularly also comply with Yellowbook standards, and Federal Appraisal routinely performs appraisals that comply with Yellowbook standards.

The Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act (URA), is a federal law that establishes minimum standards for federally funded programs and projects that require the acquisition of real property (real estate) or displace persons from their homes, businesses, or farms. The URA’s protections and assistance apply to the acquisition, rehabilitation, or demolition of real property for federal or federally funded projects.

The URA’s objectives are listed as follows:

  • To provide uniform, fair and equitable treatment of persons whose real property is acquired or who are displaced in connection with federally funded projects
  • To ensure relocation assistance is provided to displaced persons to lessen the emotional and financial impact of displacement
  • To ensure that no individual or family is displaced unless decent, safe, and sanitary (DSS) housing is available within the displaced person’s financial means
  • To help improve the housing conditions of displaced persons living in substandard housing
  • To encourage and expedite acquisition by agreement and without coercion

Agencies conducting a program or project under the URA must carry out their legal responsibilities to affected property owners and displaced persons. Agencies should plan accordingly to ensure that adequate time, funding, and staffing are available to carry out their responsibilities.

Some of those responsibilities for Real Property Acquisition include:

  • Appraise property before negotiations
  • Invite the property owner to accompany the appraiser during the property inspection
  • Provide the owner with a written offer of just compensation and a summary of what is being acquired
  • Pay for property before possession
  • Reimburse expenses resulting from the transfer of title such as recording fees, prepaid real estate taxes, or other expenses