Power Plants, Utilities, and Infrastructure Properties

Utilities and Infrastructure

Federal Appraisal LLC provides business and real estate appraisals to the Power & Utilities Industry, worldwide. Utility properties may include power generation facilities (generation, transmission, and distribution), telecom facilities, regulated/deregulated utility companies, railroad assets, water and sewer facilities, and all other capital assets that may be involved. Federal Appraisal services all types of utility properties for IRS and SEC reporting purposes, property tax appeals, investment and lending underwriting, and other purposes.

Power Generation Facilities

We are one of the few providers capable of offering income and cost analyses for power generation facilities in the US and around the world. The power industry is undergoing tremendous changes because of the deregulation of the industry. Even the best of the pre-deregulation valuations will not suffice in our current deregulated markets. Few analysts have experience in the new deregulated market that we have at Federal. We provide analyses of both pre and post deregulated assets.

We service hydroelectric, wind, solar, gas, coal, geothermal, battery storage, and nuclear transmission and distribution facilities around the country and around the world.

Telecom Facilities

This asset type has exploded onto the industry with issues surrounding cell towers, antenna pads on land and on roof tops, easements and right of way issues for cooper and fiber options, telecom buildings and incubators, network access portals, and technology housing facilities. These kinds of assets are expensive to build, with many costly building elements and short functional life spans. Analyzing such assets requires a special application of valuation and economic theory and market research. Federal often assists its clients in need of consulting services with bridging their experience gap between their traditional real estate practices and the telecom industry.

Federal Appraisal offers its specialized skills and experience for the analysis of all types of telecom facilities and for your consulting needs.

Railroad Assets

Railroads continue to own and have rights to massive portfolios of real estate. The unusual use and history of these assets makes for a continual need for highly specialized valuation skills and experience. From condemnation/eminent domain to environmental issues to right of way issues to redevelopment issues, Federal Appraisal offers a full array of services for the railroad industry.

Water and Sewer Facilities

Federal Appraisal offers services specialized in water and sewer facilities, for both public and private concerns. Our services include condemnation/eminent domain, right of way and easement issues, property tax appeals, cost analyses, and services surrounding insurance issues, among other services.

Regulated and Deregulated Companies and Utilities

Federal Appraisal provides valuation services for both regulated and deregulated markets. We provide appraisal and valuation consulting concerning regulated utilities, such as vertically-integrated public utilities (electricity, gas, telecom, water) for tax issues and litigation. We also appraise deregulated utility companies and assets.